Creating a party at home is a popular way these days. Whether a birthday party at home or an anniversary party. Small parties are often limited to a maximum of 10 guests, which can make a good relationship thoroughly, and correspond with the New Normal lifestyle that should be distanced from each other as well.

Besides the birthday party, the new generation’s trend also focuses on other important days including anniversary day, which most couples tend to celebrate outdoors and having a luxury dinner, but due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19 many people choose to celebrate at homes instead.

No matter what kind of party it is, we should always pay attention. So today let’s have a look at 7 tips to create a birthday party and an anniversary party at home for fun without any obstacles.

7 easy tips to create a special birthday party and anniversary party at home

1. A clear theme, makes it more fun

The theme is an important thing for creating a home party, especially a birthday party. Because it will make more fun feeling and provide a clear overview of the party, whether a decoration of place, make photo props, preparing food, and choosing music to match with the theme.

By choosing a simple theme such as pajamas theme, school uniform theme, or if you want to make the event more fun, you can choose more creative themes, such as 90s retro themes, cartoon themes. Although it’s a party at home, a clear theme can give color in the event as well.

2. Fix the number of guests attending the party

Birthday party or any party, both small and big parties should fix the guests such as which group of friends, friends from high school or university, fixed the guests will help to choose the proper party area. and prevent missing the guests list.

Although it’s an anniversary party for couples, you also can invite your close friends to celebrate with your partner on this very special day.

3. Choose a proper party area

Creating a birthday party at home or an anniversary party should clearly choose an area including inside and outside the house or a rooftop to select a suitable area of your activity or step dance without fear of crowding.

In addition, if you want to create an outdoor birthday party, you should also look at the weather forecast in advance. Is it likely to rain, windy, or suitable to create a party or not?

4. Full place decoration

After choosing a clear theme, Get the right number of guests and the right home party area. It’s time to decorate the area for a good ambience to welcome guests who will be fully dressed to attend the event. Don’t forget to create a small corner for taking photos or find a prop for taking pictures as well.

5. Don’t forget to choose a good music

In addition to decorating the place for birthday parties or any important anniversary party. Music is a great choice to make the event more fun. The music should match with the theme and guests of that event. Can you imagine, if you create a birthday party at home and have young children as guests. But turn on a heavy rock music, the ambience is quite uncomfortable isn’t it?

The music will make the guests unforgettable. But if you still think, it is not fun enough to show your steps, just prepare a microphone for a karaoke.

6. Light can make a good ambience

In addition to the music that can make a good ambience. The lighted should be matched with the ambience as well. Especially on the anniversary party should use dim lights and soft music. The ambience of this special day will be more memorable.

But if it’s a birthday party at home with a group of close friends, you should use brightly colored lights or disco ball lights to add more fun. It can also be used as a photo prop as well.

7. Food and drinks are indispensable thing

Already mentioned about the ambience. The most important thing which is can’t insufficient is food and drinks. The party should have both main dishes and appetizers for the guests to go home with full stomachs.

 But if it’s a cocktail party. It should choose a variety of menus with enough quantity for everyone in the party.

For anyone who’s worrying about choosing not good enough food and drinks for a home party, can use off-site catering service from an expert like Narai Hotel & Catering.

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