Our Wide Variety of Narai Catering Services

In these days of the ‘new normal’ following the COVID-19 pandemic, Narai Catering will ensure that all social distancing measures are being carefully observed. We have always made hygiene our number one priority in the services we provide.

Corporate Meeting and Seminar Services

Providing Catering services for breaks in between a corporate meeting or seminar is a specialty of Narai Catering. People must be served on time, so being punctual in setting up on time is imperative. It’s also important to ensure that the food is arranged to reduce queues as much as possible.


Parties, Receptions and Celebrations

Engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and retirements are just some of the life milestones that Narai Catering adds our considerable expertise to in serving creatively. 

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their celebration is memorable and everything they were hoping for. From planning and delivering surprising, thoughtful menus, to creating specialty cakes, the creative chefs and staff at Narai Catering know how to add a special touch to a private celebration.

Awards Banquets and Gala Dinners

Whether formal and elegant or casual and spirited, Narai Catering has successfully catered many awards banquets and gala dinners over our fifty-one years of catering experience in Bangkok.

These events must be carefully managed from a scheduling aspect to ensure the foodservice doesn’t interfere with awards presentations and speeches. Careful scheduling, delicious food and discreet and rapid service are the hallmarks of a caterer skilled in Awards banquet and gala dinner catering. They are also what has made Narai Catering the easy choice for hundreds of event organizers over the years in Bangkok. For both corporate awards presentations and private gala dinners, Narai Catering has what it takes.

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Everything has to be perfect on your wedding day. Nothing can be left to chance. Narai Catering understands this inherently and has been catering beautiful and flawlessly catered weddings in Bangkok throughout our catering history.

We work closely with the  brides and grooms to ensure they’re getting the table arrangements, place settings, delicious food and overall atmosphere they desire on that special day. From creative menus that cater to the tastes of your guests to incorporating the wedding décor into the presentation of the food, Narai Catering concentrates on all the small details that together will make your wedding a day to remember for the rest of your lives. 

Indoor and Outdoor Events

Narai Catering is experienced at delivering a spectacular catering experience no matter what type of venue. Food hygiene is foremost on our list of priorities. We’ll ensure that every dish we serve is transported and served at the proper temperature, no matter if it’s at an indoor or outdoor venue.

In our years of experience, we’ve had to adjust to every type of tropical weather situation, and we come prepared for any and all situations.

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Our Cuisines

We offer a range of cuisines all prepared by our talented chefs specifically trained in the preparation of the cuisine you’ve selected. Of course, Thai cuisine is our specialty, but we also have chefs that specialize in international, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Indian cuisine as well. To find out some of the types of dishes we can offer, contact Narai Catering for a consultation.