Narai Event Catering Services in Bangkok

With fifty-one years of event catering service in Bangkok, Narai Catering offers catering services for every type of event, both indoor and outdoor, for up to 10,000 guests. 

From lavish sit-down dinners to informal buffets, Narai Catering works with our clients to provide them with the perfect catering service to complement their event.

Food Standards and Hygiene

Our chefs are talented, creative and experienced. They have been professionally trained to uphold all standards of food hygiene, even when working outdoors under adverse weather conditions. 

We have strict standards that all of our trained staff must follow in the preparation, delivery and handling of the food we offer. 

We are proud to have been awarded the Food Service Hygiene and Safety certificate by SGS Thailand. SGS Thailand is the main testing organization for ensuring food hygiene and safety in restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and catering services in Thailand.

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Professional and Well-trained Staff

All of our staff undergoes an intensive refresher training course once a year to ensure they understand and follow all the food hygiene and safety protocols established by Narai Event Catering Service in Bangkok

In addition, our staff undergo annual training to ensure they uphold the values of Narai Catering in the areas of catering and banquet responsibilities, the standards of serving and interacting with guests, and the principles of health and safety in the workplace. 

All of our staff will always appear at your event in clean and pressed uniforms that denote the job they will perform at the event. 

Theming and Decorations

The staff at Narai Catering also have vast experience in delivering an impactful visual appeal for any event. Whether your event is to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or wedding, Narai Catering will work closely with you to present an event that you’ll be proud to host.

For corporate events, our staff will help you theme the event so that it reflects the brand message that you want to deliver.


Wide Variety of Menus

Our food represents the color, creativity and variety of the various cuisines we offer. We offer cuisines including: Thai, Chinese, International, Italian, India, Korean and Vietnamese food.

In all our menu offerings, we work with you to provide dishes that best represent your event’s chosen theme or motif. We can create special dishes according to your special occasion and will provide for dietary limitations.
We also provide packages according to the type of event you are hosting that simplifies your ordering chores. Simply tell us the type of event you are hosting, and the number of guests, and we’ll recommend a corresponding package that will amply serve your event.

Our Mission

In all of the event catering services in Bangkok we provide, we strive to offer the most seamless, modern, hygienic and creative experience for our clients. It’s a catering service you’ll be proud to offer and a pleasantly memorable experience for your guests.

Our fifty-one years of expertise and experience are evident in the colors, flavors, and overall creativity we bring to your event.