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Narai Hotel Outside Catering Service in Bangkok

The Narai Hotel has been serving the Bangkok community since 1968. In 1969, we saw the need for an outside catering service in Bangkok that served event organisers, corporations and individuals for both public and private events throughout the Bangkok area.

Ever since that time, Narai Catering has served the catering needs of from a few VIPs to crowds of 10,000 in exhibition halls, corporate boardrooms, public facilities, outdoor law parties and tented structures all over the city.

Through our years of experience, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge and expertise in how to cater to various locations and different types of events, both indoors and outdoors.

Maintaining Standards of Hygiene

The need to maintain food at the proper temperatures in order to maintain standards of hygiene is foremost on our list of priorities in catering any event. 

Whether your event is staged in a large indoor hall or outdoors in the tropical climate of Bangkok, you can be sure that Narai has the chefs, staff and equipment and knowledge to cater your event safely. 

We are consistently considered to be the best outside catering service in Bangkok, as well as the catering service with the most comprehensive knowledge of all the indoor event venues in the city. We know the methods to use in catering events that preserve the utmost in hygiene standards, no matter where the venue is located.

We’ve even begun to train others in the hospitality industry about preserving the standards of hygiene within their own restaurants and facilities. The standards we’ve set for hygiene are some of the most stringent in the Bangkok hospitality industry.


Event Logistics

Our experience and knowledge of the challenges of providing both indoor and outside catering services in Bangkok have increased our logistical knowledge as well. 

We can work with you to devise the most efficient table layout for your event at your outdoor and indoor venue. By working with you to pre-select where each of the tables will be located, we can maximise the foot traffic patterns and provide ample space for both your guests and our servers.

By carefully choosing a location for our mobile food service preparation area as well as the table layout, we can also minimise any potential problems during the event. This includes reducing extraneous noise that will detract from the program of your event, preventing traffic patterns that block the guest’s view of the stage, and providing ample exits in case of an emergency.

For inside or outside catering hire in Bangkok, no other catering company has as much logistical experience as Narai Catering. We work to your event’s schedule and can serve your guests in a timely, discreet and efficient manner. All our supervisors, chefs and wait staff are highly-experienced and experts at their jobs.

Narai Catering also offers resources in tables, chairs, glasses and tableware. We regularly supply everything needed to host a sit-down dinner for up to 10,000 guests. Contact us to find out more about indoor and outside catering hire in Bangkok that can provide all the tables and chairs you need for your event.

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