Quality Seminar Catering Service

Organizing a seminar, lecture or training session can be stressful for the organizer. There are speakers to schedule, attendees and delegates to register and programs to create that will make good use of your venue for the time it’s hired. The last thing a busy organizer needs to worry about is the caterer.  

Most day-long seminars, lectures and training sessions are held in intervals with a coffee or tea break in both the morning and afternoon and lunch near the middle of the day. Coffee and tea are often served before the first of the morning sessions begin, and cocktails are also often served at the end of the day in a networking type of atmosphere.

This makes for a busy day of food service for your caterer. As many organizers are too busy with the myriad tasks of organizing their seminar, training session or lecture, they tend to hire efficient and reliable caterers that can perform their job independently again and again.

Efficiency, Experience and Reliability

This is how Narai Catering first came to the notice of Bangkok’s event organizers. Narai Catering became the first choice for event organizers for our efficiency, experience and reliability time after time.

Not only did we serve creatively presented food and beverages, but we served them on a tight schedule. There are sometimes just minutes allowed for hundreds of seminar attendees to grab something to eat and drink before the next session starts.

We cater these morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and evening cocktail events and still also organize a well-presented lunch for the delegates and attendees at noontime.

The efficiency and reliability of our catering services have become well-known throughout the event organizer community in Bangkok. Because of this, our experience in catering an ever wider variety of corporate and private events grew as well. 


Wide Variety of Service Styles and Cuisines

With many of the seminars, lectures and training sessions in Bangkok being international in scope as well, the service needs of your event can differ. At Narai Catering, we offer a variety of different serving styles and cuisines to suit the room size, attendee requirements, and the duration of your refreshment breaks. 

We can set up your refreshment breaks in a buffet, set meal, lunchbox or food station style of arrangement. We can also serve multiple varieties of international and Italian food as well as Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian cuisines.

At the end of the day, we can set up a full bar and serve cocktails and finger foods in a cocktail bar-type of table setting.

We Provide Everything Needed

We are used to working in exposition halls, theaters, small hotels, commercial venues and corporate offices. We even have extensive experience working in outdoor venues.

For every job, we come equipped to provide everything needed to serve the food needs of your event throughout the day.  Our self-reliant work ethic has been a blessing for seminar and event organizers in Bangkok for many years.

Find out what we can offer your next all-day seminar, series of lectures or training session. Contact Narai Catering to find out why you may never have to worry about catering again.  

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