Hire the best wedding catering services in Bangkok

Best Wedding Catering Service in Bangkok

To help ensure everything goes perfectly on your wedding day, choose the best wedding catering service in Bangkok. The professional chefs, organizers and staff at Narai Catering know how to make your wedding day extra special. We’ve been at it for fifty-one years, and we’ve become experts at providing impeccable wedding catering services.

We offer four different wedding catering packages in Bangkok. Choose from services including Chinese table, buffet and cocktail reception packages, and cuisines including Thai, Chinese, International, Italian, India, Korean and Vietnamese food.

Working to Make Your Day Perfect

We understand what your wedding day means to you. It’s why we are so concerned with ensuring everything is perfect for your wedding reception and celebration service. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you receive the type of wedding you want in all facets of the catering service.

From format and setup to type of food and beverage, to the program for the day, we’ll ensure there are no surprises on your wedding day that would detract from your fond memories. We have skillful methods of placing tables that provide for easy access of both your guests and our servers without detracting from your guest’s enjoyment of the wedding celebration. 

We will work with you to ensure that the food choices we serve are in keeping with any dietary requirements of your guests to assure them of a pleasurable experience as well on your wedding day.

We’ll also work to keep to your program schedule in Bangkok for the day and arrange our catering service around the speeches, special events and performed rites that are a part of every country’s wedding traditions and observances. It’s one of the facets of Narai Catering that has made us one of the most popular wedding party catering services in Bangkok.

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Decorative Touches

The décor is always a special consideration at a wedding celebration. We’ll coordinate our catering service in Bangkok with you beforehand to ensure that we are complementing your wedding décor. Special floral touches in our food presentations can add to the magic of the décor on your wedding day and can add a measure of sophistication to your wedding event.

The care we take in designing our food’s presentation is nothing short of meticulous. We take pride in being able to accommodate any type of wedding décor theme into the presentation of our food.

Food Quality

Whether your wedding event catering is being held outdoors or indoors in Bangkok, maintaining the quality of the food is always our primary responsibility. In planning for your wedding, we will take note of the venue’s location, size and usual, ambient temperature.

We’ll make provisions to maintain the quality and hygiene of the food throughout the catering service for your wedding in Bangkok. This will ensure you and your guests enjoy healthy and tasty food and beverages that will add to everyone’s enjoyment on your special day.

Choose Narai Catering to ensure yourselves of the best wedding catering service in Bangkok. With fifty-one years of experience, we understand how important your wedding day is and can guarantee you’ll enjoy a perfect wedding catering experience.

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