Canapé IN A BOX

Experience the glamour of Catering at home or at the office, by ordering the Canapé IN A BOX.

Prices starting at THB 250

Narai Catering BOX OF LOVE

Customizable food boxes for you. All meals are cooked fresh to order and will be delivered to the hospital, temple, or government office.

Starting at THB 100/box
GET FREE! Box with Company logo (minimum order 100 boxes)

Wedding Catering

Reception Package

Choose the best wedding catering service in Bangkok. We offer five completely different types of wedding catering packages including International Cocktail, Chinese Cocktail, Buffet, Chinese Set Thai – Chinese Set.

Starting at THB 69,900

Engagement Package

Your engagement is a magical moment worthy of celebration. Your tailor-made engagement ceremony will have everything set with Narai Catering.

Chinese Engagement Traditional ceremony
Thai Engagement Traditional ceremony

Starting at THB 65,000

Narai Catering has established a network of venues throughout the years we’ve been the premier catering company in Bangkok. Through this network of venues, we can offer special offers and promotions throughout the year that will enable you to get significant savings on Narai Catering packages.

By enjoying a substantial saving on one facet of your upcoming event, you can choose to splurge a little in another facet of your event to make it even more special and memorable.

Our Catering Team Works Exclusively for You

We offer a caring work team that focuses on your needs to deliver an event that exceeds your expectations. We provide menus that feature Thai, Chinese, International, Italian, Korean and Vietnamese food that is specially prepared to meet your requirements.

All of our chefs, managers and staff are thoroughly trained in every aspect of SGS Thailand food service hygiene and safety. 

If you want to hold the highest quality event, trust Narai Catering to be your food service provider. You will undoubtedly be pleased with the level of service you receive from all of our chefs and staff. From menu planning to execution, Narai Catering will help you deliver a stunning event.