Micro weddings, or small weddings in families, are a popular trend after the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides keeping distance between each other. The new generation is also more focused on smaller but warmer weddings. Because of saving costs and increasing the relationship of the family. Today let’s have a look, what’s Micro Wedding and how it should be organized.

What’s a Micro Wedding? The small trendy wedding now.

 Micro Wedding is a wedding with 50 – 80 guests or a small wedding in the family. Most of the bride and groom will invite only their relatives or their close friends. Normally can organize the event at home, hotel, or outdoor area to keep the ambience warmer. The ambience is decorated from their preference.  Although it’s a small wedding, the wedding ceremony is still entirely with a friendly budget in the pocket as well.

The benefit of a small family wedding, a micro wedding style

1. Budget saving

The main benefit of Micro Wedding is saving the budget, both food and location rental cost because there is no need for large and expensive locations because having fewer guests and fewer of various costs.

In addition, this type of wedding has few people.so they can choose a location from their preference. Anyone who wants to save the location rental cost can organize a small wedding at home, which can save more travel costs than a large wedding that has to be organized outdoors.

2. Organized the wedding from the style you want

Most of the large weddings have many guests. Therefore need to have many formal ceremonies to suit every guest. But a micro wedding, a small engagement at home or a small wedding at home, allows the bride and groom to choose the wedding style as they want. Whether the interior decoration of the event, the banquet and the ceremonial style.

3. The bride and groom get closer to the guests at the event

Some large weddings have hundreds to thousands of guests. Causing the bride and groom can’t greet all the guests thoroughly. Can just take a photo together at the front of the event or a little greeting

But for a Micro wedding, the bride and groom can get closer to their guests. Because in the event have only their close relatives and friends. Make this small wedding a memorable event for everyone.

We have already known the benefit of micro weddings for the bride and groom. But who are worried about how to make a small family wedding memorable, then let’s have a look at 5 small wedding tips as follow

5 tips to organize a micro wedding, a small wedding in the family with an unforgettable impression

1. Fix a budget

Before starting a small wedding, the most important thing to pay attention to is the wedding budget. All budgets should be fixed. How much is the limit? Because the marriage have many parts of costs which can cause the budget escalate, such as wedding dress cost, makeup cost, and a photographer cost. So fixing a budget can control how much money to spend. Does not escalate beyond control or difficulty with money for the bride and groom‘s pocket.

2. Fix the number of guests

A Micro Wedding is a wedding between 50 – 80 guests, so you need to fix the number and arrange the guest list well, both relatives and close friends because the number of guests will affect the ceremony and souvenirs cost. A good arrange guests will prevent the budget from escalating more easily.

3. Choose a location which answer the bride and groom needs

For the new bride and groom who are looking for a location to organize a small wedding, Micro Wedding will allow the bride and groom to choose a location from their needs, such as at home, in the garden, in the coffee shop where they first met. Or on the beach with a good atmosphere, which will make the wedding beautiful, warm, meaningful and more memorable.

4.Don’t forget to prepare for the big day

Whether it’s a small or a big wedding. It can be mistakes or obstacles, such as weather, time issues or location issues. Of course, the bride and groom will not have enough time to fix themselves. So should be fully prepared for the wedding day. Or find an expert team to take care of the overall picture of the ceremony to pass various obstacles smoothly.

5. Choosing a good helper can make your wedding smoothly

Managing the overall picture in the event to be smooth is an important thing that should not be overlooked. Of course, on the wedding day, even if it’s a small wedding in the family, the bride and groom don’t have enough time to fix any problems on their own. Therefore, choose a wedding planner service and good quality catering services to make the Memorial Day smoothly, more comfortable and reduce problems.

Wedding planner, Make your wedding dream come true at Narai Hotel & Catering

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For catering, Narai Hotel & Catering also offers international cuisine prepared by the hotel’s best chefs, such as Thai food, Chinese food, and European style food.  It starts from the selection of quality ingredients then beautifully prepares dishes. You can be confident that the food served at the event will surely impress the guests.

Which bride and groom are planning to organize a small family wedding or Micro Wedding, besides paying attention to the budget, they should pay attention to the location, the theme that can show the uniqueness of the bride and groom, including delicious food. And don’t forget to use Narai Hotel & Catering service to make your wedding day go smoothly, leaving only beautiful memories forever.